There are many cases popping up around the country of various foods that are causing bouts of food poisoning. Knowing what foods may be prone to such problems can help you avoid them and avoid getting sick as a result. Many times food poisoning can also be caused by not really taking care of your food properly.

Spinach is one food that is prone to get e-coli and as a result can make you sick. Baby spinach in particular is one healthy green that if not washed properly will certainly cause an upset stomach afterwards.

Fish if not stored in a freezer or stored outside in the heat for a lon
Vomiting is a horrible experience. But recovering from a bout of the up chucks is possible and easy to do. You just have to know the right things to do so your body can recover. Your treatment will vary depending up the reasons why you threw up in the first place.

Get your body back in shape first drinking water when you feel sick

What To Do After Throwing UpFirst off you will need to rehydrate your body. Throwing up or vomiting gets rid of a lot of water in a rapid amount of time. Drinking plenty of water is great to do right now. Making sure the water is warm, but not hot will help
There are times when throwing up is required. For instance say you ingested something toxic to your body. One way to prevent that from fully entering your system is by inducing vomiting voluntarily. There are other people who want to know how to throw up for other reasons and these reasons are typically not healthy by any means.

Swallowing a poison can happen to anyone, most of the time this is due to a mistaken container or someone thinking they are playing a prank on you. Regardless of the reason removing the poison should be the top priority.

Be careful when inducing vomiting!

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